U.S. Catholic Bishops Renew Their Call to End Capital Punishment | EWTN News Nightly

Catholic bishops renew their call to end capital punishment, which comes as the U.S. government has more executions scheduled this week. Democratic lawmakers are unveiling legislation to put an end to the federal death penalty. U.S. bishops are supportive of the Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act. In 2019, the Trump Administration announced it would reinstate the federal death penalty after a nearly two-decade lapse in its use. Since Democrats will soon have control of Congress, and with the backing of President-elect Joe Biden, they hope to put a stop to it. Two Democratic lawmakers are leading a new effort to end capital punishment on the federal level. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley writes, “State-sanctioned murder is not justice, and the death penalty, which kills Black and brown people disproportionately, has absolutely no place in our society.” Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life, supports the legislation. And in 2018, Pope Francis revised the Catholic Church Catechism to describe the death penalty as “inadmissible.” Correspondent Mark Irons reports.

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