The Six Confusions of Modern Man: #5 Pain and Suffering


There is confusion when things do not occupy their due place in the order of the universe. The six considered here are not the only ones, but they are enough to give an idea of the intellectual and moral disorder that beset modernity.

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Pain and Suffering


There is suffering if there is a clash between whatever pain is felt and a free will that refuses to accept the pain for whatever reason.

This is clear to all, but most people remain in confusion for not completing the reasoning: if the will either accepts pain (again for whatever reason) or is absent as dictated by nature; there is pain, but not suffering.

Examples can be had at will. Anyone who has ever tried to walk in shoes with a stiletto heel (10 cm more or less) knows that it is an instrument of no mean torture. Yet fashion, vanity, feeble-mindedness or whatever induces a woman (never a man) to spend a miserable day pretending that all is well despite muscles pointing in the wrong direction and pains shooting up and down the legs, buttocks and elsewhere, while she feels like a hero. She has accepted all that pain for a vain reason and therefore has not suffered.

Men may not wear stiletto heels, but they too cherish pain for vain reasons: consider runners training at high altitude (with occasional deaths by exhaustion), climbers defying freezing temperatures and rarefied air – the top 800m of Mt Everest are decorated (if it is the right word) with 200 corpses of people formerly ready to undergo untold-of pains (including financial ones) to “realize” themselves, etc.

What about animals? Lacking a free will, they feel pain but do not suffer. Scandal, horror, cruelty, lack of compassion and other epithets are hurled at anyone who dares to look at nature in the face and say what he (or she) sees.

But philosophy exists to detect and make use of the truth of things. Animal lovers, however, are only too ready to ride roughshod over philosophy and organize enormously expensive campaigns to endow their beloved beasts with “rights” from out of the blue.

But granting an animal a “right” is not a one-way affair: it inevitably saddles someone with a corresponding duty that has no existence in the order of the cosmos. There comes to mind a new Italian “law” that makes it an offence to fail to administer first aid to a wounded dog.

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