Take 2 w/ Jerry & Debbie – guest John Finch- Absent Fathers – 1/4/16

The Impact of Absent Fathers

Countless people have grown up and spent much – or most – of their lives without their biological fathers. This can be the result of any number of circumstances. While the ideal situation is for children to have both a father and a mother involved in their lives from the very beginning, it’s often the case that they grow up without the helpful influence of one or the other of them. On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome John Finch to the program. He is the producer of “The Father Effect,” a powerful documentary that has aired on EWTN Television. Here’s a portion of the show’s description:
In 2010, John Finch started a journey to find forgiveness for his father who committed suicide when he was only eleven years old. He had no idea how it would change his life forever as a man, husband, and father. This program shares John’s powerful story and the story of many men and women and their struggles of growing up with an absent father, how it influenced their life, and the life-changing power of forgiveness.

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